Education and student internships


Axians Slovakia has long offered students the opportunity to complete an internship or compulsory school practice. Almost no other sector of the economy is as dynamic as the IT sector and only a few companies of Axians Slovakia’s size offer the opportunity to be so close to everyday practice.

Education with a vision

Within the corporate structures of Axians Slovakia, the education and training area focuses on the promotion and development of autonomy, entrepreneurial thinking, active involvement and awareness of the problems to be solved. In addition, Axians Slovakia offers students the opportunity to learn about business processes and procedures “from scratch” and, depending on the specific area of specialization, to gain in-depth professional experience with solutions in the areas of ERP systems, IT or medical technology, or to gain experience in working and communicating with customers.

Study and career at Axians Slovakia

The aim of student education at Axians Slovakia is to train highly qualified professionals, to cooperate with secondary and higher education institutions in the long-term to develop talent from schools, and to find potential new employees. In many cases, the best students are hired for permanent employment after completing their training. The current range of professional positions at Axians Slovakia:

  • IT technician and IT consultant in the field of infrastructure solutions
  • Helpdesk Operator
  • SAP consultant in the field of information technology
  • Developer
  • Medical solutions and technology technicians

As a student on a work placement or internship at Axians Slovakia, you will have the opportunity to work actively and with as much personal responsibility as possible – depending on your personality and progress in your education. As a team member, you can contribute your views and ideas, participate in training courses or seminars and deal with day-to-day tasks – just like all your other colleagues. In the course of your training, there is always also the opportunity to “tag along” with the work of other departments.

How we can work together:

Professional practice

During your student internship at Axians Slovakia, you also visit your school to support your acquired knowledge theoretically. The condition is the conclusion of a contract for the provision of practical training between the secondary school or vocational secondary school and our company.

Part-time job

Student life has its costs. Don’t want to be dependent on your parents? Get a part-time job at Axians Slovakia and become independent!


Master’s students have the opportunity to work under the professional supervision of senior staff as programme leaders and to participate directly in real projects and assignments. You will receive regular feedback.

After graduation, you will have the opportunity to pursue a mainstream career.

No need to be afraid of an interview!

Even if it’s your very first interview. As most students don’t have professional experience yet, we simply want to talk to you and find out what you are interested in, what your hobbies are, what part-time jobs you have had the opportunity to do, why you are interested in a particular job and, if applicable, whether you have any special skills. We expect a polite handshake greeting at the start of the interview and of course welcome you to ask questions about topics that interest you.

Admission process

After the interview, you’ll find out fairly quickly whether you’ll be invited to the next round, which usually includes a simple test (language skills, professional and general knowledge) to better assess your skills and strengths.

Axians Slovakia also offers shortlisted candidates the opportunity to attend a test day.

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