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Healthcare Solutions


We have been providing technology and services in the healthcare industry since 1999. We design innovative solutions to meet the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals. Our solutions are primarily focused on diagnostic imaging, cardiology, oncology, women’s health and interventional procedures.


In close cooperation with world-leading manufacturers, we offer comprehensive solutions aimed at improving patient treatment throughout the entire healthcare cycle – from prevention and screening to diagnosis, subsequent treatment, monitoring and documentation management. We offer solutions to digitize images, store information and improve connectivity between patients and healthcare providers. We take an individual approach to our customers, with an emphasis on their long-term satisfaction with the delivered technology and related services.


We have been an authorized distributor and service provider for Philips medical devices since 1999 (formerly a division of Hewlett-Packard). Our service technicians are regularly trained at the Philips International Training Center and have many years of experience in the medical device industry.


Our product portfolio is complemented by turnkey services for healthcare operators of both public and private healthcare facilities and organizations. These include the following activities:

  • Planning and supply of medical devices and equipment
  • Strategic planning and financing advice
  • Training in the use of devices and a system of continuing education
  • Consultancy on healthcare and clinical services
  • Maintenance and servicing of devices and equipment
  • years of activity in the world of medical technology
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    Axians Slovakia team of experts


Our mission is to contribute to people’s overall quality of life. Through our approach, activities and innovative solutions, we strive for continuous progress in the areas of:

  • Improving the quality of patient care through the delivery of state-of-the-art medical technologies.
  • Improving the working conditions of professional medical staff by implementing state-of-the-art devices and equipment, training and subsequent education of their users.
  • Helping to reduce the cost of medical technology for healthcare facilities by providing expert advice, technical and software support and quality maintenance services.
  • Engaging in sponsorship projects and improving the quality of healthcare in Slovakia. In addition to donations of special equipment and devices for healthcare facilities, we support healthcare foundations and partner healthcare events.

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