This year, we have prepared a series of onsite "Axians Technology Breakfast" events for our customers, covering topics in the field of cyber security solutions.

February 28, 2024  |  As part of this series, we present partner and custom solutions within the Axians network and success stories of their implementation at our customers. We also discuss current topics related to cybersecurity pitfalls and threats. 

The first event took place on Wednesday, February 28, 2024 at the LOFT Hotel in Bratislava. At this event, we covered the topics of Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management. Penetration tests test the security and resilience of IT infrastructure, systems and applications by simulating different types of attacks. At the event, we introduced attendees to Axians’ approach to penetration testing, the standards and procedures used, such as OSSTMM, PTES and OWASP. We presented our experience in testing and managing vulnerabilities in different environments. 

Both topics were discussed by our colleagues and experienced cybersecurity experts from Axians ICT CZ, Michael Mokrý, Business Unit General Manager for Cyber Security and Radim Ostadal, Head of Cyber Security. The event was moderated by Peter Suchy, Head of Cyber Security at Axians Slovakia.