Microsoft Power BI: integration with SAP

Enhanced Analytics and Visualization for Your Organization

Power BI and SAP are two important tools that help organizations transform their data into effective visualizations and information.

The combination of these tools opens the door for advanced analytics and visualization, enabling better understanding of data and informed decision making.

Power BI integration with SAP

The integration of Power BI with SAP brings significant benefits to organizations by combining powerful data visualization and analysis tools with SAP’s powerful ERP systems. In this way, organizations can improve their ability to make data-driven decisions and achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The integration of Power BI and SAP allows:

Direct access to SAP data:

Users can directly access data from SAP modules such as SAP BW, SAP HANA or SAP Business Suite.

Creating visualizations based on SAP data:

With Power BI, users can easily create visualizations of SAP data to quickly extract relevant information.

Analytical and visualization tools:

The integration enables the use of a wide range of Power BI analytics and visualization tools to better understand SAP data.

Application Options:

  • Financial Analysis: Organizations can use Power BI to visualize and analyze financial data from SAP, which helps in planning and decision making.
  • Inventory and Logistics Management: integration enables real-time tracking of inventory and logistics operations and provides the ability to better manage processes.
  • Performance Analysis: Power BI can be used to track business performance using metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) obtained from SAP.


  • Customer Management: Organizations can analyze customer data from SAP and improve their customer service and marketing campaigns.
  • Finding Patterns and Trends: Users can leverage Power BI’s advanced analytics tools to find patterns and trends in SAP data.

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