Software development for Zabbix

Design and development of modules by Axians Slovakia

As a Zabbix Premium Partner, we have been cooperating for a long time and contributing with our own development and design of new architecture and additional extension modules and functionalities of the Zabbix monitoring system.

These extensions and modules are developed for heterogeneous environments and support a wide range of operating platforms (Linux, HPUX, Solaris, MS Windows). New Zabbix product functionalities such as global correlation or enrichment of generated problems (Zabbix event tags) are used. Axians Slovakia has developed three additional modules as part of the development.

Server monitoring at the OS level

The module simplifies and accelerates monitoring deployment and administration at the OS level for large numbers of servers in heterogeneous environments and in active/passive and active/passive cluster configurations. The module allows you to configure monitoring processes, services, network sockets, connections and file system populations using simple server-specific configuration files, without having to interfere with the Zabbix GUI or reboot any of its components. The module provides process and service runtime monitoring, socket and connection status monitoring for TCP/UDP protocols, and local and network file system occupancy.

Distribution system

This module adds to the Zabbix functionality the possibility of creating a central repository of agent configurations of monitored servers with the possibility of distributing it to individual servers. The distribution system allows you to distribute monitoring scripts or binaries extending the Zabbix agent functionality, configuration files of monitoring scripts or configuration files of Zabbix agents. The extension further allows remote administration of Zabbix agents and Zabbix proxies. Thus, surveillance creators do not need to directly access the monitored servers in the process of monitoring configuration and changes.

Modules zbxORA, zbxMySQL, zbxWLS for monitoring Oracle solution environment

Within the development of modules, Axians Slovakia has developed several modules for monitoring database systems (Oracle Db, MySQL Db) and application servers (WebLogic), which provide the possibility of fault and performance monitoring of these systems with a number of functionalities.

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