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The anticipated new LTS version of Zabbix is finally here! We have prepared an overview of the most important features and improvements it brings. Register for Axians June webinars dedicated to the new version and get all the important information before upgrading your environment or before you plan to install new Zabbix instances.

As of June 17, 2024, all certified Zabbix training sessions organized by our training center are already dedicated to version 7.0. And we have news for you – certification tests in Slovak language! Take part in our online training courses and become a certified Zabbix 7.0 expert. If you have any questions about the news, upgrades, training and recertifications, please contact us at or by phone: +421 2 58 273 111.

Partnership with Zabbix

Axians is the only Premium Partner in Slovakia

Axians Slovakia is a Zabbix partner with Zabbix Premium Partner certification level. We have extensive experience in implementing IT infrastructure management solutions for large environments with a large number of servers, active network elements and devices. Zabbix is part of a broad portfolio of solutions that is provided as a Cloud service or as an “On-premise” implementation in the customer’s own environment.

Zabbix – an effective monitoring tool

Open source solution for IT environment monitoring

The Zabbix solution is an effective monitoring tool that allows you to obtain unlimited types of data in real time from various types of devices in the IT environment – servers, virtual machines, network elements, measuring devices, etc. The collected data can be immediately visualized in the form of views, maps, graphs, as well as subjected to further analysis for the purpose of generating alarms. Zabbix is a free open source system, freely available for use without any open source fees.

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Do you have questions or need a consultation? We have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing Zabbix solutions, developing our own extensions, training, presenting at conferences, webinars or in meetings for individual clients. Our Axians Slovakia team is here for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email: or by phone: +421 2 58 273 111